NanoColl Gel

NanoColl is non greasy, water soluble, non-oily, clear odorless gel. It is composed of colloidal silver nano particle and highly purified type I collagen.

Mechanism of Action :

  • Silver nano particles play a distinct role in preventing infection and decreasing bacterial load in the wound by their broad spectrum antimicrobial properties and their surface modification properties provides easy incorporation of nano silver in to collagen base to improve wound healing treatment.
  • Collagen is known for its wound healing property by aiding cellular activity and providing an organized matrix in the skin.

Indications : NanoColl is indicated in the treatment of Burns and Wounds.

Directions for Use :

  • Throughly cleanse the wound with sterile saline solution.
  • Apply the Nanocoll Gel as required to cover the entire wound.
  • Cover it with appropriate secondary dressing if necessary.
  • Keep the cap tightly closed after use.

Precautions :

  • NanoColl is contraindicated in patients who have shown sensitivity to collagen or Silver particles.
  • It is for external Use only and not for surgical implantation.

Availability : It is available in 10g, 15g, 25g, 30g and 50g Collapsible tubes and containers.

Storage : Store below 25 C, Do Not Freeze